False Shepherds

by Weston

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Wounds mean nothing
You can't escape the violence
Or the fears
Or the years
Hated with my face in the dirt
You can’t see past your own fucking judgement
A rotten cycle to repeat

Instead of calling everyone out

The eyes of a doubter should have a look at himself

You can't kill something that’s inside you
You wear shame like a scar on your face
Rest your head on a new plague
Disease and a new name
Stale hearts of men
Believe the words of parasites
Always one with myself
Not one with the world

Your words hit me and disappear like the sands of time
So Lost in your mind with your actions
You drag me down again in your sea of shit
Missing something i never had again

I see the quitters and the liars
They are the rats chewing through the wires

Because when you turn around there’s always a different face shooting you in the back

Their brains are sleepwalking in their heads
There’s holes in the wall
Where the serpents crawl
And we’re all locked in the same brig
You gave up your life for the trends
You are your own fucking problem

You'll only be happy when I’m dead
Your futures gone and reflections cross out your eyes
Never second guess the underdog

You poison my perception with a sleight of hand

Fake names fake faces
Stuck in a foxhole
Stuck in a rut

False power
False shepherds
No love in our eyes
Broken hands from disrespect

I see the rain
I see the second sun
You can’t stop whats already begun
Wounds mean nothing
When there's worse things than dying
Wounds mean nothing


released August 26, 2014
Recorded & Mixed by Alexander Leech and Dan East
Mastered by Troy Glessner



all rights reserved


Weston Toronto, Ontario

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