by Weston

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released August 27, 2013



all rights reserved


Weston Toronto, Ontario

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Track Name: Dead Seas
Another day of my life where I wished I was dead
Forced to forget the best days of my life
You don't know my story
Or what I've sacrificed
But my arms will bleed out before i give into this
These are empty streets and empty dreams
Things change but minds stay the same
Track Name: Welcome To Azura (ft. Brendon Padjasek of Structures)
If I'm alone in this then alone is where I'll be
There's nothing for you here but tears
I don't care if your soul is dying, I'm chasing the last horizon for myself
The nostalgia's killing me
The nights I don't want to remember
Are the ones I can never forget
Always forced to take the long road home
I won't lose what I first found in this
I know this takes everything that I've got
I know the shackles have me in the dark
Locks and keys of a thousand sinking chains
Even though I'm burning I still shine brighter than you
I go beyond everything to still be true
What will my life ever prove?
My nightmares sometimes take the best of me
I visited places that I thought I would never go
And I won't ever go back
It's unforgivable Always unforgivable
What will my life ever prove?
The second star on the right never shined so bright
You're a suffering pawn on a game that's always dying
You thought I would never surface
You were always on your knees for a blackened sun
Wishing for a future that would never come
You stopped in your tracks when you saw me alive
You thought I would never surface
Track Name: The Undertow
Bring the cavalry, bring the guns
Kill one and save a thousand
You're trafficking everyone around your heart
What difference does it make?
Swapping one hell for another, keep yourself under water
If your heart's in the right place, then Where is your head?
Forever dead in a forever abyss
Pick up your life and pick a side
I'm not another worthless soul, in which you can confide
I remember when you thought you were such a threat
Drown motherfucker
I couldn't stare into more hateful eyes
The other side of this hole isn't providence
It's being swept away, into a black sea
I will leave you abandoned, defenseless and a crippled pride
You're lost and can't be found
Grab the soul and watch the eyes fade
The last one begged
Arms tied with a starving tongue
Waking up with the vortex at your feet
I've been told that I would die one day
But breathing your lies i killed myself today
You were sent from hell
Track Name: Albatross (ft. Jamaal Richer)
I see them lurking in the shadows
I know its wrong for me to hate my life
I know my dreams are out there, I've spent my whole life chasing them
The inside covers the outside betrayal has me running miles
The world never goes away
Always selling lies and finding prey
It's time to hit them where it hurts
When Grabbing life is hard even with two hands
You still live life ready for war
You've been gone so long
No one knows your face
I can't believe the words from the mouth of a rat
Brother, who the fuck else have you deceived?
This life I live is fucking mine
Watching you die makes me feel so alive
You think you can hurt me, you think you can break me?
Fear survives when you're afraid to live
The inside covers the outside, betrayal has me running miles
The world never goes away
Always selling lies and finding prey
Don't feed the mouth that doesn't want to be fed
They don't need you so they'll end up dead
Track Name: Over Dzhimara
I will tear this mountain down with my cold dead hands
I watched the rain fall
I was the one that never wanted to feel
If only the days went by like wind
I was always sent back to nothing
No one followed I led my life alone
Searching myself finding memories that have pulled me back
The roads I walk don't compare to what I climb
No ones waiting for me when I come home
Prepare for your final step, One slip and you'll be dead
Everything I see, always hits me, with losing hope
But I try so hard to make my life a milestone
I'm drifting to nowhere
If there's nothing real out there, then there's nothing for me
No shores in sight a race against my better judgement
Fighting for the chance
You'll turn around and I'll be gone again
Reaching through the atmosphere
Knowing that your hands will slip right through
So much that I missed I will never get back
It doesn't matter because I now have the world to my back
It's easy to get lost in the storm
Frozen and lifeless, Lifeless
Track Name: The Mariner
This is hell
You can't get blood from stone
You can't make a dead man breathe
You can't feel the gasp in his lungs
Walker of the dead do you have a name?
Is defiance worth your sad reality?
I'm still true to myself in the uncharted waters
Staying clear of the depths below
I've already been tied down to the floor
And felt the pressure crush my hands
Where is your loyalty neck deep buried in this hole?
Distrust only goes so far
You'll fall and the other looks the other way
These roots come through the surface
And wrap around my feet
You're the judge and jury of your own game
When I'm laying out to sea
Maybe I'll come across something
But you will never see my face again
Everyday your fucking heart sinks lower
Show what your heart is
Black as the sea you'll drown in
I live and the let rest die
So I thank you for letting me free
And I thank you for destroying yourself
I live and let you die
Track Name: Of Athens (ft. Tyler Kameda of This Is Death Valley)
I watch the whole world go by, and I still see you
I was searching for something that doesn't exist
I can feel your eyes on me
I took a chance on a worthless soul
You could never see the pain in my eyes
You've grown ice over your heart
But it's always the same
You'd say you know me, but struggle to know my name
Look in the depths and you will see yourself
Standing there in between dreams
You've been down this road before
You know whats on the other side
Night after night
You think the world should pity you
No one wants your poison
You can put on a dress
But all i still see is a pig
Impossible to pull the regret off your face
With having a black hole below your waist
You cry those tears, because what you've done
Can't be forgotten
Whatever you have to give
Has already been seen
You will never realize your dreams are sinking
You leave me to rot and act like everything fine
There's nothing special about you
While you strive for acceptance
Everyone looks the other way
I'm not sleeping but I know I'm walking in your dreams
All you are is cheap
Track Name: The Harbour
Steady hands as I cast off alone
Even though I cant compress the undertow
There's nothing left to discuss
Their eyes are a mirror for my mind, but I've already lost it
I'm a fading poet with a gravestone to my name
What will i miss because i will be dead?
Until the sun rises
I won't wake from this dreamless sleep
Walking this path alone will conquer all
Miles and miles away
It's not home when there is a rope round your neck
Home is far from here
Drawn and quartered choking up your final words
To the end you dragged this
They will all be crying to burn
I had no where to crawl up
All you do is lie to yourself
This is a test in perspective in what i really have
Waking up another day
I will find something in this misery
Will you open your eyes when the sky falls?
Liars, liars
I'll see you floating topside
Stay dead
I'll see you floating topside
The albatross means I'm almost home
All you have left is my ghost
Count your blessings not the days
Where were you when my life was on the line?
You sat back as the soul behind my eyes died
Where were you?