The Whites of Their Eyes

by Weston

  • The Whites of Their Eyes EP
    Compact Disc (CD) + Digital Album

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released November 2, 2015

Recorded/Mixed/Mastered by Carson Slovak and Grant McFarland at Atrium Audio



all rights reserved


Weston Toronto, Ontario

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Track Name: Urals
This is the misery everyday

It gets colder
I don’t care if I’m here alone forever
The winter never left with no rivers to carry the current
The seasons change and it all bleeds through

I should be dragged out and shot

I carry no one to my destiny
Look through the valley in my eyes

The air I breathe can be so foul
I hear the silence over everything
Everybody wants me dead

This is the life of mine
Pictures burned with the evening sun
Still destroy my mind

Years of hating myself
Sleeping in worry waking up on my deathbed
Left guessing what comes next:
A painted picture or the walk of death?

Better off to die with whatever’s left in my head
I have burned all my misfortunes
I'm sick of being a slave
I’m not afraid
I know I'm not afraid of death
You cant save them all

There’s no colour in the 7th circle of hell
My heart beats slower and slower
I only see in black and white
Track Name: Alpine
Something stolen someone else's fraud
I will watch their lives fall
They always want me to bleed

You hate the player and poison the game
Your head swells when someone mentions your name
Just give it up

I see the traitors at the front line
Played out to be the enemy
How can I breathe when you drag my lungs to the floor?

I know what you live for
I know all your secrets
The more I look, the less I want to see

Throughout this I've come close to the end
Running in circles, from passages of life, I created that I hate

You always told me I was worthless
Your family and your town can all go to hell
I'm not sorry

I didn’t forget
I’ll swallow my pride when you swallow the gun

Another passing face,
I would have bled and died for you
Now I have you against the floor

Do you hear the echoes of the dead?
Do you see the tears ,that are shed?
Ignite the fires in their houses
And watch their emotions break like glass
The day we came was the day you were destroyed.
There’s two graves dug:
One for them and one for me
They saw it coming
You saw it coming

Run, run, you won’t get any farther
Run run run
Track Name: Evergreens
On the coldest nights who was there?
I'm lost trying to find them

Another book on the shelf
Denizen of a nameless place
You live in the dirt
You love your open concept of being free

Save the story
Save your forced glory

Look back to horizons
All your repercussions, stare right at you, in the face

You don’t want the contentment
And I don’t need the ghosts that come with your name
The home I had was buried when you drove the first nail into my head

I swear disappointment is all
that you have left
Is it my heart that's fading?
Or am I hating in vain?

You were the thief in the night
I was the one betrayed.
The miles between us the ground we feel in our bones

The cure for loneliness is in my head
I can’t listen to the words that you said

Hours and hours spent holding my tongue
I know I can relate but you don't want my words
I can't live in a blank screen anymore

What can grow in a soil of dead memories?
How many endings before a beginning?
If my heart was in this home I would die alone

You were the thief in the night
I was the one betrayed
What am I suppose to make you feel?

If my heart was in this home
I would die alone

I’m everything you never wanted
Track Name: Tundra
The hands I didn’t take were not hands of regret
I won’t die for someone who hides in a veil of tears
Why should I suffer for your insecurities?

Your tomorrow won’t die its already dead
Always running from time will leave you paralyzed
You’re using your lies as a crutch

You can’t hide forever
Life's too short for having faith hypocrites

I swore I'd never go back
Now the faces fade like a desert to rain
Always taken back to the things we'd never change
I've given too many hearts to empty hands
Futures lost never to see the light of day

I don't want you breathing
I want you suffering

The newest face soon to be the next waste

I’m the weed you were told to kill
I’ll watch the whites of their eyes bleed
And I wouldn't kill them
Somethings you should do yourself

Track Name: Summit
No funeral
No soul is close
No funeral

Voices remind me of a home that the tears of the ocean overflowed
The past will always come back
I never wanted ropes in my skin

Why would I follow the others?
They're more lost than me
In the sunset, I’m waiting to be smothered

This is the same grain being played over
Mourning into extinction
There'll be no one to carry my name

They are the fallen, the rocks beneath me
Off the map and straight to the gates

My heart tells me life is gone from my eyes
I sew them shut and my perception never dies

I'll take my own life before they have it
But take my memories

I promise there's no comfort left

Deep down I know I'm so alone
No one can turn a heart of stone
Searching for nothing
No soul is close